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Arizona Charitable Tax Credit: Inspire Change for Life

When you choose Terros Health for the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit, you inspire good health and positive change in the lives of people throughout Arizona. You also can receive up to $800 with a dollar-for-dollar Arizona Charitable Tax Credit donation.

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5 Facts About the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit

1. The State of Arizona Department of Revenue designates Terros Health as an Arizona Charitable Tax Credit charity because we provide services to working poor families.

2. Your donation to Terros Health qualifies for a dollar-for-dollar income tax credit up to $400 (for singles) and up to $800 (for married couples).

3. You no longer have to itemize to take the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit.

4. You can support Terros Health – a qualifying Arizona Charitable Tax Charity – in addition to the foster care and school credits.

5. The Arizona Charitable Tax Credit used to be called the Working-Poor Tax Credit.

5 Reasons to Choose Terros Health for Your Arizona Charitable Tax Credit

1. Terros Health is about whole health for the whole person. When you support Terros Health, you support health care that brings together primary care, outpatient and residential drug and alcohol treatment, crisis support, recovery, mental health services and wellness programs.

2. We work well with others. Health care can be fragmented, but at Terros Health we coordinate patients’ services across the health care delivery system – specialty care, hospitals, home health care, community services and more.

3. We reach many Arizona communities. Terros Health has a total of 20 locations in Maricopa, Pima, Coconino and Yavapai Counties so your Arizona Charitable Tax Credit helps people in Central, Northern and Southern Arizona.

4. We’re Arizona born and based. Terros Health was founded for Arizonans by Arizonans more than four decades ago.

5. Your donation inspires change for life. Terros Health believes every person has the ability to make changes that improve their lives, especially with the support of people like you.

A Family Finds Whole Health at Terros Health

Finding a health care provider that meets the needs of a family. That’s rare. But it’s what Nicole Ross discovered when she chose Terros Health.

Nicole first came to the Terros Health 27th Avenue Clinic overwhelmed with grief after the death of her youngest child. She not only found support, she also was inspired by the Terros Health whole health, whole person approach to care.

Today, the Ross family benefits from Terros Health and its fully integrated health care services. Terros Health primary care physicians help Nicole’s husband, Martin, manage his diabetes. He also receives counseling that helps stabilize his depression and anxiety.

“I will keep going to Terros Health,” Martin says. “They take the time to listen to me.”

Two of the Ross children also turn to Terros Health for their primary and behavioral health care needs. The Ross family even has prescriptions filled at Terros Health.

Nicole is thankful her family has found a health care home with Terros Health. “We wouldn’t be doing nearly as well as a family without Terros Health.”